About Us

The Government Lawyers Bar Association (GLBA) embraces 10 objectives, namely:

  1. To provide a forum for the continuing exchange of ideas, concepts, techniques, and information of mutual interest between governmental lawyers, governmental officials, private practitioners, and the public;
  2. To encourage new ideas and reform in the laws and procedures of government and its agencies in furtherance of the public interest;
  3. To promote access to justice by the citizens of the state of Washington;
  4. To foster improvement in the representation of government and its agencies in judicial and administrative proceedings;
  5. To promote, protect, and further the interests and ethics of lawyers in governmental service;
  6. To promote better public understanding of the role of the government lawyer;
  7. To encourage and maintain a cooperative and friendly relationship between federal, state, county, and municipal lawyers in the state of Washington;
  8. To establish and maintain a cooperative relationship between this Association and the American and Washington State Bar Associations;
  9. To uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the state of Washington; and
  10. To preserve and enhance the status of government lawyers.