CLE Materials

2022 GLBA Winter CLE Materials

2021 Gender Justice Study Executive Summary and Recommendations — Chief Judge Rebecca Glasgow

2021 Gender Justice Study Report — Chief Judge Rebecca Glasgow

GA CJC canon 2 — Chief Judge Rebecca Glasgow

RJC 2022 Action Plan — Chief Judge Rebecca Glasgow

2022 GLBA Summer CLE Materials

A Call to the Legal Community to Eradicate Racism Presented by Justice Mary I. Yu, Washington Supreme Court  

Emerging Issues with Public Records Presented by Karen Horowitz, Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office

Ethics in Public Service Presented by Kate Reynolds, Washington State Executive Ethics Board

Wellness in Legal Practice Presented by Judge Indu Thomas, Thurston County Superior Court

2021 GLBA Winter CLE Materials

Racism, Truth, and Reconciliation in Washington Courts Presented by Judge David Keenan, King County Superior Court

Emerging Legal Issues Regarding Homelessness Presented by Oskar Rey, Legal Consultant with the Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC)

Lawyers in Non-Lawyer Roles (When Can a Lawyer Not be a Lawyer? … and Other Interesting Issues for Lawyers Serving in Management Roles) Presented by Professor Hugh Spitzer, University of Washington School of Law

The Attorney-Client Relationship: Ethical Considerations for Government Lawyers Representing State Agencies Presented by Drew Pugsley, Assistant Attorney General, Social and Health Services Division

2021 GLBA Summer CLE Materials

The Impact of State v. Blake: A View From A Prosecutor’s Office Presented by Joseph Jackson, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

House Bills 1140 and 1219: An Overview — Presented by Erin Shea McCann, Legal Counsel for Youth and Children, Sam Martin, S.D. Martin Consulting and Mockingbird Society Legal Representative, and Katherine Hurley, King County Department of Public Defense

Emergency Operations and Proclamations Presented by David B. Merchant, Assistant Attorney General, Transportation & Public Construction Division

Brackeen: Constitutional Challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act Presented by Carissa Ann Greenberg, Assistant Attorney General, Social and Health Services Division, and Raven Arroway-Healing, Tribal Attorney for the Stillaguamish Tribe and Commissioner on the Washington State Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care

2020 GLBA Summer CLE Materials

  • Legal Issues in State Emergency Management – Joe Panesko, AAG

State and Local Government Emergency Authority

Home Rule and Emergency Authority

Emergency Response Preparedness for Lawyers

2019 GLBA Summer CLE Materials

Krier Outline

Krier Guide

2018 GLBA Winter Ethics CLE Materials

2017 GLBA Summer CLE Materials

2017 GLBA Winter Ethics CLE Materials

You Be the Judge: Ethics Issues in the Washington Supreme Court

The Ethics of Advising and Informing the Legislature During Litigation and the Role of Attorney Generals versus Agency In-house Attorneys

Special Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors

Agenda for GLBA Ethics CLE 9 Dec 2016

Internal Tensions: Prosecutors, the Media & Public Records